Packaging Division

Your one-stop total packaging solution

Packaging Plant 1 & 2 (PP1 & PP2)

Packaging Plant 1 and 2 were built in 2000 and 2001, equipped with new packaging equipment that enabled us to be a total packaging solution provider. Our packaging plants’ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system integrates with the Kiwiplan in production scheduling to ensure a seamless process from ordering to delivering of goods to the customers.

Using quality paper produced in GS Paper Mill, consistency and solid supply chain are assured, with total logistics support to fulfill our customers’ orders.

Packaging Plant 3 (PP3)
Formerly known as Dazun Paper Industries, GSPB acquired it in 2016 with the objective of spreading its wings in the central region. Rebranding it as Packaging Plant 3 (PP3), PP3’s strategic location enables and enhance GSPB capability to serve its customers in a more efficient manner.
Packaging Plant 4 (PP4)
Our new packaging plant – PP4 is equipped with the most comprehensive and industry leading operating systems like the high-speed corrugator, Fosber, to offer highly reliable and consistent quality boards with the best board warping control system. The Fosber 2.5-meter deckle width corrugator offer the highest output through shorter production run compared to smaller width corrugators. Besides, our high-speed Mitsubishi EVOL printer is able to produce 350 cartons per minute. Our aim is to deliver top-notch quality carton boxes on time and in full to all our customers.
Oji GS Packaging (Yangon) Co Ltd.
Situated at Mingaladon industrial park, and equip with modern corrugator and printing machines, it aims to provide value added services to the Myanmar market.
How Our Cartons Are Made?