GS Utilities & Services provide treatment of Industrial Effluent and sewage facility to our Paper and Packaging Division. Its treat wastewater effluent from paper mill and other plants within GSPP complex and ensure the wastewater quality meet the standards required by Department of Environment (DOE) before discharge to the drain.


Coagulation & Flocculation Process

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)

Aeration Tank

Secondary Clarifier

Final Discharge


GS Utilities & Services provide wastewater treatment facility to our Paper and Packaging Division.
Its treat industrial effluent from paper mill and packaging plant to ensure the discharge effluent quality meet the standards required by Department of Environment (DOE) before discharge to the drain  
The treatment processes included physical, chemical and biological process.
Towards the end of the treatment process, a sludge thickening and dewatering system to generate high dryness sludge cake and send to waste to energy incinerator plant
Our mill also has been equipped with individual sewage treatment system to treat the sewage within the whole GSPP complex.

Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

GS Utilities and Services (GSUS), are committed to protect environment, health and safety (EHS) of workers. Towards prevention of pollution, injury and ill health at workplace as well as reducing the environmental significant impacts and health and safety hazards and risks.

We ensure conform to environmental, health and safety laws, regulations, community and others applicable compliance obligations and continual improvement of a robust, credible and reliable Environmental, Health and Safety Management System (EHS) to enhance our environmental, health and safety performance, by:

enerate and periodically review the environmental, health and safety objectives, indicators and targets and conduct evaluation on environmental, health and safety performance regularly.
ystematically reduce and eliminate environmental significant impacts Health and Safety risk arising from our operations, products, workplace and services.
tilise the raw material, natural resources, electricity and water wisely and as far as reasonably practicable to preserve and protect the natural environment from harm and degradation.
trive to control and reduce discharges and wastes related to our operations, products and services.
nsure and communicate to all employees and those working for GSUS to conduct their work in an environmentally responsible and safe manner.
eed environmental health and safety impacts and implement methodology to monitor and control the environmental aspects and health and safety risks arising from operations and processes.
upport and organize environmental health and safety programme and establish communication tools to promote awareness and practice among all employees and interested parties.

Awards & Certifications

Environmental Management System

Occupational, Health & Safety Management System