Health, Safety & Environment & 5S (HSEH) Policy

We are committed to conduct all operations in a responsible manner, towards prevention of pollution, injury, ill health and free from recognized hazards and protect environment.
We respect the HSEH needs of our employees, and all stakeholders. We will ensure and committed all applicable HSE laws, regulations and other applicable compliance obligations are fully complied with. We support this policy of committed continually improvement of Health, Safety and Environmental Management System (HSEMS) to enhance our environment, health and safety performance by committing financial, technological, physical and knowledge resources to:

enerate and periodically review HSEH targets and objectives, and to conduct self-assessments of HSEH performance regularly.
ystematically, reduce and eliminate HSEH significant impacts and risks related to our activities, operations, workplace, products and services.
lan, design and modify equipment and processes to minimize environmental significant impacts, health or safety hazards and risks.
romote employees' active participation in the prevention of work-related accidents and occupational ill health and to be committed in pollution prevention activity.
eighten the culture of resource conservation, through efficient use of raw material, natural resources, electricity, water and as far as reasonably practicable, recycle our refuse.
trive to control and reduce discharges and wastes related to our operations, products and services.
nsure and communicate to all employees and those working for GSPP to conduct their work in a healthy, safe and environmentally responsible manner.
ouse our human capital in our offices and manufacturing facilities which is Healthy, Safe, Environmentally Friendly & Highly Conducive, to a level surpassing business norms.

Corporate Code of Conduct & Behavior Standard

The Codes, Charter and Action Program shall lead GSPP to formulate environmental and safety practices in all its business activities that are globally on par and acceptable.

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