GS Paper & Packaging Sdn Bhd

GS Paper & Packaging Sdn Bhd (GSPP) has been a dominant player in the domestic containerboard segment and we are one of the largest integrated paper and packaging manufacturers in Malaysia, founded in 1992. Our Paper Mill and Packaging Plants have gained tremendous successes throughout the years and today, we are the market leader in terms of customer base, business scale and technology of the production facilities.

Oji Holdings

Oji Holdings began as Japan's first industrial scale paper manufacturer in 1873. Today, with 29 pulp and paper mills and 57 converting plants in Japan, it is not only Japan's leading conglomerate but also one of the largest pulp and paper companies in the world. It is aggressively expanding through a series of mergers and acquisitions and also embarking on some green field projects, not only in Southeast Asia with its presence in Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia and Myanmar but also in India and China. In Malaysia, it operates 6 packaging plants and 1 paper mill.

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GS Utilities & Services Sdn Bhd is ‘on the way’ to be certified for ISO 14001:2015 Environment Management System (EMS)

We ensure conform to environmental laws, regulations, community and others applicable compliance obligations and continual improvement of a robust, credible and reliable Environmental Management System (EMS) to enhance our environmental performance..

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